ABOUT Jatin Parikh

Our Story

Natural freshness of the environment, seen in the garden, comes as a gift to us. Love the divine for then the possibilities to give and to gain happiness increases. Welcome the art of landscaping by promising Landscape Architect.

Research have proves that to gain peace, aloofness is not the way out. There are very many mediums and modes to attain it like music with which one canmeditate along with cirtual elements of fresh green trees, lawns, the chirping of birds the sound of water which takes you along in the midst of the ocean and then deep inside where one can flow to its limit. Far, far away where the self prevails.

Jatin Parikh as a landscape architect enhances these very beautifully and aesthetically. Keeping the future perspective in mind that a plant grows and nourishes with time, the course changes its style and little plant will take shape of Bonsai or tree. With the collaboration of sculptures and fountains as well as the mandapas which are placed rhythmically. The canvas of nature which is presented in front of him, gives him immense space to play with these divine gifted objects of pleasure.

- Shubhra Joshi